[hackerspaces] gmc's tour of US hackerspaces (was Re: Hippie Hacker Tour 010)

Jerry Isdale isdale at gmail.com
Mon Aug 16 05:59:21 CEST 2010

from the digest... Koen wrote 
>> Incidentally, i'm sort of planning something of the same nature. Probably
>> in november i will set aside all my pre-conceptions about the US, sell
>> my soul and travel to the US to visit hackerspaces over there. Make some
>> radio for signal, blog about it etc..
>> The current plan, which just came into existence yesterday/today, is to start
> in Seattle. I know someone there who can help me get a car. He might actually
> join me on this trip.
>> From there, I plan to go south to LA, then to Las Vegas (visit the pinball
> museum!), and on to New York. Then South again to end in Miami.

So you will have CrashSpace.org on your list for LA visit? NullSpace? 23b?

Maybe some other trip my space will be ready for visitors, but you cant do it by car.
Post (or email me) your itnerary, LA in particular. I'm back and forth (too) often.

Jerry Isdale
Benevolent Dictator
jerry at mauiMakers.com

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