[hackerspaces] Hello, and an idea. GET LAMP screening?

Nate B myself at telcodata.us
Thu Aug 12 03:23:27 CEST 2010


It's about time I pulled my head out of the sand and joined this list.
Having helped in HacDC's early days and then being one of the founding
members of i3Detroit, I ought to be more in touch with the global
community. So, here I am.

Katie at HacDC has been planning to show Jason Scott's text-adventure
documentary GET LAMP as the resumption of their intermittent Movie Night
events. I opined that it might be neat to hold a synchronized "showing" or
"opening" of the film at a bunch of hackerspaces. She liked the idea, so I
figured I'd mention it here. I see several benefits:

Many spaces have "followers" (readers, friends, stalkers) from far away,
but most of our activities are inherently local. If a bunch of spaces do
the same thing at roughly the same time, it increases the effectiveness of
our "advertising" -- people might get word via a distant space, and then
discover that a local one is having the same event.

It might be a somewhat newsworthy thing to do. Laypeople are generally not
familiar with Creative Commons, nor with text adventures, nor with
hackerspaces. Anything we do to inform people about some or all of those
topics is probably a net good for the community, and if we do it in a
unique way (is there precedent for simultaneous free showings of a
CC-licensed film?), we can talk about the uniqueness too.

It's apparently a pretty cool documentary, too. I'm looking forward to
seeing it.

So, there's my braindump. Anybody onboard? I've created a Whenisgood to
figure out what time would work for the majority of spaces, if so:
And the results can be viewed here:

Actually, you can edit the whole thing using that latter link, too. Please
be gentle. :)


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