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Brain Tank thebraintank at gmail.com
Tue Aug 10 17:11:15 CEST 2010

With the Analog Broadcast system having been switched over in the US I'd
like to take advantage of the empty space and make a LPTV/HAMTV station at
our Hackerspace. We're having a bit of trouble translating the legal end of
things. We have our General class HAM licenses and we can see HAMTV is often
transmitted on channels 57-60 CATV.

Some questions that we've been unable to resolve are:

   - Can we stream YouTube all day long?
   - I realize theres a limitation as far as commercial things over HAM
   radio but what about "promotions" using HAMTV?
   - How far are we allowed to transmit?
   - Are the HAMTV bands even necessary to be limited to with all the freed
   up analog bandwidth?

Things may have changed a bit now that the bands have opened up but I cannot
find specific information anywhere on the net.

We think we can achieve this using one of these 5watt TV

If anyone has the ability to help answer these we could do an easy tutorial
with the other information I've collected and post it for other Hackerspaces
to build their own cheap TV Station.



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