[hackerspaces] S036.NET attacked by German Police

Yves Quemener quemener.yves at free.fr
Tue Apr 27 09:00:52 CEST 2010

Blackhold wrote:
> if we don't do anything more countries will have laws to close
> websites without judgement.
> my support to autogestioned servers!

that was my position a few times ago. But the people who vote laws to close
websites today will vote laws to forbid autogestioned, distributed,
anonymized servers tomorrow. Be it by forbidding the core technologies, by
 changing the laws of network neutrality or by putting economical pressure
on some actors.

Sure, we can always circumvent this kind of things. They can't ever really
win this fight, but neither can we. I feel more and more like adding patch
after patch on what the digital society has become. I'm tired of patches.
This kind of mentality is good for countries like Iran or China where you
have to dig holes in order to get some freedom of speech but I just can't
accept that we have to use the same kind of tricks in our supposed-to-be
democracies. I really want to solve the core issues.

I hate it when someone comes inside a conversation just to promote a
political party, but here it is : I joined the French pirate party a few
months ago to see if they can provide the adequate political answer that we
need. There are 22 pirate parties in different countries, each with
different reputation and size. Instead of hacking around
defective-by-design laws, we try to change the design, not to just patch bugs.

I don't say everyone should join the pirate party, but I think it is time
everyone should consider whether it is not time for overt politics. There
are many things to hack in this field, it can be of quite some fun.

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