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Bob Clough parag0n at ivixor.net
Thu Apr 22 11:17:07 CEST 2010

We have a similar system going in soon at HACMan/MadLab:


The colour of the logo will change depending on the status (so humans
can tell at a glance) , it'll be linked to a DB that'll allow us to
keep track of who donated what, and the status of each item.  The QR
tag will link to the webui of the database, allowing quick item
history lookup.


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> > So I was thinking, there is some stuff in the space that we shouldn't
> > hack. Like the wifi robot tank. What are peoples thoughts on a small
> > sticker you can put on things you donate/lend/the space buys, that
> > denotes that some thing is a hacking tool. I suggest this as some
> > thing like a hammer is obviously a tool and should stay that way, but
> > an arduino wave sheild can be modified. A sign on it would denote it
> > as some thing to hack with, but not to change the function of the
> > thing itself.
> >
> > Would this made sense to you? Would following this mean you would
> > bring more cool tools and gadgets for all to use if you could mark
> > them as a tool, meaning you wouldn't come in to find your line
> > following robot was now a flame throwing attack droid!
> >
> > My idea for the sticker is the blue circle with a white cutout of a
> > hammer. Any other ideas?
> At Labitat we're building a system that uses QR-code labels with human
> readable text and symbols next to it. The idea is that everything
> large enough for a label has a defined location. Scanning the codes
> will let even new members know where to put stuff when ordering /
> cleaning the space. Our symbol for "do not hack" is simply a square
> with the letters DNH. Our symbol for "this is owned by a member, not
> Labitat" is a person inside of a circle. Here's a photo of a label
> with only the DNH symbol: http://twitpic.com/19nlfn
> The QR-codes lets anyone with a camera-phone scan the labels and we
> have a couple of camera-phone that are lying around in the space.
> We're using a relatively cheap Brother label-printer. It has a linux
> driver but I believe the driver is closed-source.
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> Juul
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