[hackerspaces] a new Great Internet Migratory Box of Electronics Junk for hackerspaces

Katie Bechtold bokunenjin at gmail.com
Mon Sep 28 01:02:12 CEST 2009

HacDC has started a new instance of the Great Internet Migratory Box
of Electronics Junk expressly for hackerspaces:

Feel free to add your space to the request list if you'd like the box
to make its way to your neck of the woods.  Last week we handed it off
to Baltimore Node; among the many goodies we put in it were a couple
of Maker Notebooks and issues of MAKE magazine, a SiliconDust
Engineering HDHomeRun Dual ATSC Tuner, a CEIVA LF2000, a CIDCO
MailStation, an Epson EM-257 stepper motor, a QuickLink pen, and a
handful of HacDC logo stickers.  Of course, there's no telling what it
might contain when it gets to your hackerspace!


Katie      http://hoteldetective.org/

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