[hackerspaces] Housing other organizations in the hackerspace

David Raison david at hackerspace.lu
Fri Sep 25 22:13:41 CEST 2009

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Thanks Enki,

I'll have us digest this first and then maybe get back to you folks again.

We're not having any problems with loosing independence to that group,
at least not yet and I don't believe that we ever will.

It's just that we were wondering how to handle that request and since
we've only just "acquired" our space, we can't just leave and use
another space. (Not that we knew of any space that was free or that we
could currently afford)


Paul Boehm wrote:
> Hey David,
> The guiding principle behind our policies at Metalab was always to be
> supported by a broad paying membership base and avoiding concentration
> of power (in individuals, groups, and sponsors).
> If you give special privileges to one group, or receive bigger amounts
> of money from one organization, you are bound to lose independence,
> since that group will have interests of their own and a more
> coordinated way to push that agenda.
> We've unfortunately learned some lessons about with syndicated power
> structures before, so when starting metalab we already knew we didn't
> want any organizations to have that power over us. E.g. i'd suggest
> not having organizations that pay metalab membership dues for their
> members, instead of letting their members also be members of metalab.
> hosting them for free, but requiring that they at least have some
> (1-2) metalab members who play the ambassador was a better solution.
> You won't be able to accomodate some groups in that fashion, but
> that's not the end of the world. If there's not enough room for them
> to hold their meetings without special privilege, I'd rather focus on
> growing the community and getting a bigger space altogether.
> Enki
> On Fri, Sep 25, 2009 at 3:24 AM, David Raison <david at hackerspace.lu> wrote:
> Hey folks!
> We were wondering how you handle "third party" organizations in your
> hackerspace. Especially the Metalab, since you seem to accommodate quite
> an important number of associations and clubs.
> We're having the local Chaos Computer Club over on Monday evenings and
> were discussing whether we'd grant them exclusive usage rights over the
> room they occupy during those meetings.
> Thing is, we only have 2 rooms and would either loose a workshop or
> chill-out & socializing room.
> So... how do you handle this? Any advice besides "get a space with more
> rooms?" ;)
> thanks,
> David
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