[hackerspaces] TROPPO CAFFE POCO CERVELLO 9 - MEETING 2, 3, 4 OCTOBER 2009

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The Freaknet and Dyne.org hackers are delighted to invite you to a Poetry
Hacklab on-site and on-line event:

                  TROPPO CAFFE' POCO CERVELLO 9

 2nd, 3rd, 4th (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) October 2009, Palazzolo Acreide,
           at the misterious center "Lisbeth Salander" 
               in the Palazzolo Acreide countryside

    Italian version: http://poetry.freaknet.org/static/tcpc9

What is it?
It's Poetry! It's Art, IT'S DELIRIUM!
Now at the 9th edition, the "Troppo Caffe' Poco Cervello" (too much coffee,
too less brain) it's a cultural and scientific happening that lasts three
days where people from all the World (and beyond) are meeting in Palazzolo
Acreide and via the Internet to share experiences, research, culture,
poetry, art and science with the intention to create new and beautiful
things to donate to the community.

This edition will have people from all Sicily and also foreign guests
committed in advanced programming sessions, dissertations for beginners,
scientific experiments, sumptuous lunches, enormous dinners and sleepless
nights dedicated to the passion for computer science.

Poems will be read, poems will be written, all and nothing will be
discussed, weeds will be weeded, new weeds will be planted, debates will be
happen, decisions will be taken, all and nothing will be done!

Everyone can join, the important thing is to leave the brain at home and
bring a lot of coffee!

What will be done
We will do a lot of BEAUTIFUL and USELESS things:

Radio link
It's the first step to the world domination. The installation and the
configuration of an amateur radio link WI-FI which will give raise to
discussion about wireless technology, its use and some tricks (Netsukuku,
OLSR, Fonera, hardware modifications, dd-wrt etc) by Asbesto IW9HGS and
other radioamateurs possibly there. The distance that will be covered is
6.9Km :).

A group of programmers from the Freaknet and Poetry Hacklab will establish a
on-line connection with dyne.org developers and follow this "code sprint"


We want to develop a new version of MuSE streamer, a free application to
make your own on-line radio and your voice heard all around the world,
broadcasting audio files and live microphone all mixed in real time.

Join us writing code or help translate the manual!

Other activities
Artistic performances, strolls in the surroundings or anything you want
could happen spontaneously; everything will be managed by the same people
who could throw off activities, keeping in mind we should not disrupt the
ANY the focus on the main activities described above.

Everyone is invited!

How nice is to be seated on chairs!
Breakfast, lunch and dinner are completely self-managed so you're invited to
bring food and drinks and share them with everyone!

If anyone needs to sleep... there are two beds which we will assign to the
sleep of the weaks, you can sleep in a tent, so if you want to do so bring
your own TENT! Hopefully another space will be available. You will need to
adapt yourself to it because the objective is not to sleep! :) (obviously
special neeeds of resting/lodging will be satified, so don't worry, we won't
let you sleep on straw... maybe!)

If you want to contribute money, you are very welcome to do so, via Paypal
or even via bank wire-transfer. We have a clear plan for it: we hope we will
gather some funds spreading this event and collect them to be invested in
more software development on MuSE.

This software is very important! a lot of people can use it completely for
free to do radio, it is the way we can make free speech happen.
But we have no money to continue development, which was stopped for more
than 3 years now, so please donate some money! and you'll help us all
provide concrete results and useful tools to all our communities.

The plan is: we will develop a lot during TCPC9, package the application for
existing distributions and update it to be stable and to use latest
libraries. After the TCPC9 we will see what we've reached and what is still
left to do, then we will put out tasks and money offers out of the money
collected from your donations, so that more developers can get involved and
help us finish the work.

This is the first time we try to do this so pleaase don't leave us alone!
spare some money NOW and you'll get QUALITY FREE SOFTWARE soon!

Link for donations:
or directly from http://dyne.org/tcpc !!!

We will meet on Friday 2nd October 2009 in Palazzolo Acreide, at Poetry
Hackab or directly to the tcpc location! To get there follow this map:


Follow SS2287 to Palazzolo Acreide, 2km before the start of the village
there is a crossroad to Solarino/Ferla on the right handside, so turn right
and follow SS124. Keep going until you see a small red house on your right,
then take immediately the small street next to the house on the right and
keep going until you get to the place. You will hear tearing noises and
inhuman shouts; you will see half-naked cavemen fighting against hardawre
and software around the fire of the Alchemic Furnace: you got there!

To reach Palazzolo Acreide from Catania with bus:


Once you are in Palazzolo and you don't know how to reach us, just call
someone: MAYBE we will fetch you. Who knows!

For more information contact us or call +39 931-1-845-849

Internet Relay Chat:irc.dyne.org
(SSL only, port 9999) channel #dyne and #TCPC



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