[hackerspaces] Inventory Systems

albi albi at squat.net
Mon Sep 14 22:23:41 CEST 2009

asbesto wrote:

> Also, I have to say that, due to the fact that we're a lot of people and
> we're ITALIANS :D, we think that for many items (boards, pcb, components,
> parts and so) having such an inventory to track things and stuff will really
> SLOW DOWN every activity in ur lab.

haha :)

It's hard to resist for me, but I'd like to share with you my quick and
dirty summary of >= 10 years of experience with italians, in my best
spaghetti english :

Prototype nr.1 "The Average Italian" :

This chaotic, impulsive, slack, slo^H^H laid back, stubborn,
superstitious character suffers from heavy traumas due to catholic and
fascist repression since many decades.

Tends to swear mainly in genital and catholic offending words.

Has strong nationalistic and narcissistic feelings which are usually
half repressed, half ignored due to lack of self-awareness.

Has a completely different (unique) gen concerning the definition of time.

Family ties and abus^H^H usage of drugs are even more important for the
younger generation than for the older generation.

Prototype nr.2 "The Italian Refugee" :
This prototype contains the same elements, except that going on holiday
doesn't automatically mean going on holiday in Italy.

Applies to both prototypes :
In general italians are the most charming and romantic species in the
world, even when they're acting like life >= 100% theater.

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