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thanks for all your replies and suggestions so far!

What we meant by inventory was basically an asset management system
that keeps track of

A) what assets (hardware, electronic parts) we have and
B) who borrowed what asset

As to point A), there should be like a category of items that do not
ever leave the space (as in workstations, oscilloscopes, etc) and
those that can be used (as in resistors, capacitors, batteries and
stuff). It'd be neat to know in advance if some asset would have to be
re-ordered, because it is about to become consumed.

As to point B)

I do like what hk and john were refering to, namely labeling stuff and
putting it into specific bins, although that is kind of a point
C) keeping your space tidy and well organised

We were considering using any of these applications
# *
#  http://asset-tracker.sourceforge.net/

in order to fulfill points A) and B) without putting all of this up on
the wiki where a person with specific "needs" would know where to look
for it.

What kept us from that is having to set up yet another authentication
system. It's more of a hassle to the members as to us, but that is
exactly what we'd like to avoid.


asbesto wrote:
> Sun, Sep 13, 2009 at 03:33:50PM +0200, Bartosz Kostrzewa wrote:
>> do you guys keep your stuff organized in inventory systems, if
>> yes, do you use the system often? If no, do you think you would
>> benefit from an inventory system?
> what do you mean? A catalogue? We're using Mediawiki for this, to
> create our catalogue for the computer museum
> (http://museum.freaknet.org)
> :)
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