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Eric Michaud michaud.eric.c at gmail.com
Thu Oct 22 18:02:16 CEST 2009

Sorry, I meant to state  before I accidentally clicked send. Why are you not
doing 501c3? Since c6 is for Recreational groups., and c7 is focused on
groups for lobbying.

You wouldn't be able to get grants as easily at all. if your looking for
stuff from MacArthur, NSF, or a number of other educational groups. If that
is not the case your not really being a hackerspace since the main focus is
on educating the many and sharing tools.

Also which state are you in?

I'd also love to talk shop with you about this if you'd like.

On Thu, Oct 22, 2009 at 10:58 AM, Eric Michaud <michaud.eric.c at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hey Tim, why are your leanings to the other groups instead of just 501c3?
> or c7? Are you planning to not be community oriented or lobby congress?
> On Thu, Oct 22, 2009 at 10:19 AM, Tim Krabec <tkrabec at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Id like to get a copy of some one's IRS Form1023, my accountant is leaning
>> towards a 501c6 or c7 vs the c3.  I'd like to get more info to her.
>> Tim
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