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Wed Oct 7 09:43:51 CEST 2009

dear haxx0rs,

this is still pretty inofficial, but we just recently started with a  
new project that's now in planning stage: we will be putting together  
a radio & podcast program.
as you might know and remember, fish started the idea of doing a radio  
show on hackerspaces and hackerspace-relevant topics back in the good  
ol' days of HAR this summer, and we wanted to keep up the good work on  
his hackerspaces hour for har.fm by making a bi-monthly radioshow for  

at first, our scheming led us to come up with two different shows per  
1. an interview show, where fish will chat with one hackerspace  
founder or otherwise awesome person;
2. the news/community show, in which multiple people should be able to  
host the show together (2 or 3, i'd say) remotely, and also receive  
dial-ins; with cc music being played in between (this being a wee bit  
like the off-the-hook concept).

but besides this, we've already talked to some other people that have  
done radio shows or podcasts before, and the feedback was pretty  
encouraging! therefore, more recent ideas also include shows on  
security-related topics, human sciences, courses, etc. - besides that,  
there'll most likely also be specials like live-reports from a con or  
the like.

all shows shall be streamed live; and a recording is to be made  
available online. however, we're also talking to small, local radio  
stations that could broadcast a show a week for instance. any way of  
pushing those current limits on spreading ideas and knowledge in both  
a fun and interesting way shall be fair enough to us ;)

therefore, our current questions revolve around how this will be  
implemented technically in the easiest and most moderate way possible,  
and, almost just as important, how we will name both the 'station' as  
well as the various shows!
so any input from you guys on that matter will be greatly appreciated.

also, if you'd think of another show you'd love to see/hear, or even  
want to and can host yourself (on a regular basis): let us know! we <3  
your feedback.

hack on,
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