[hackerspaces] What form of organization does your hackerspace use?

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Makers Local 256 is a non-profit 501c3 and would be considered "the
membership" based, but I guess started out as "the board" based since the
board is the original 10 members (changing soon given new bylaws and
elections).  We don't have a set dues rate but instead rely on how we
started.  The original 10 pledged a monthly donation that they could afford
and we found a space that fit within that budget.  We decided that extending
this to new membership was a good idea and so we don't have to turn away
someone who might offer a lot but might not have a lot of money.  A monthly
pledge doesn't have to be monetary but does fall under board discretion to
ensure that said pledge benefits the space.

Makers Local 256

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> http://blog.hackerspaces.org/2009/09/13/hackerspaces-and-money-five-approaches/
> To help spaces review various forms of organization, I've come up with a
> loose framework of five different styles of spaces that I've observed:
>    1. Anarchy <http://blog.hackerspaces.org/#anarchy>
>    2. The Angels <http://blog.hackerspaces.org/#angels>
>    3. The Owner <http://blog.hackerspaces.org/#owner>
>    4. The Board <http://blog.hackerspaces.org/#board>
>    5. The Membership <http://blog.hackerspaces.org/#membership>
> I suspect that most spaces fall into the "Membership" category, but I'm
> most curious about spaces that take on a different form that might more
> closely fit into one of the other four categories.
> To that end, which category do you think your space falls under and what
> are the advantages and disadvantages of it?  Hopefully I can gather enough
> input to make better informed posts on alternative forms of hackerspace
> organization.
> Thanks!
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