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How about working on starting some working group nights?

Over in TOG, hackerspace in Ireland, we have found it good to have  
group nights with a certain theme. These nights for us so far are on  
Mondays we have Micro-controller Night (Arduino), and Wednesdays we  
have a Coding Night. These nights aren't classes, it just encourages  
people with similar interests to get together and create an  
environment if your soldering or coding. We have found also that it  
helps attract members. For example, if people are looking for a weekly  
working group for Arduino to bounce ideas off or get troubleshooting  
help they can generally find it in TOG on Mondays. Same goes for the  
coding night as we get people studying in the space on Wednesdays. But  
people also just like to come to the space on those nights and work on  
different things, just so they're not working on the space on their  
own, it's a better atmosphere.

This also gives us good times to show people the space. If someone  
contacts us about joining or checking out our space we will generally  
bring them along on a Monday or Wednesday because there are generally  
people working away on those night. It gives the space a better feel,  
rather then showing them around a space with no people inside.


TOG, Ireland

On 1 Oct 2009, at 22:41, Far McKon wrote:

> Far from @Hive76 in Philly here.
> We have open house 2 hours each weds, with a 15 min members 'scrum'  
> meeting beforehand.  3 members have picked one night a month, as a  
> night for their projects, and on that night they get dibs on the  
> space.
> That way, people are working on what interested them,  but not all  
> crowded into the space at once. Part of our membership is 4 hours of  
> 'work for the space' a month, and doing a python night (or AVR  
> night, or what) counts as work time for that.
> - Far
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