[hackerspaces] Keep your (recicled) shirt on!

marc marc at hacklaviva.net
Thu Nov 19 15:08:10 CET 2009

I definetely would like to see an url and a checkout $hop but i'm not
volunteering 'more' for it. 

> [...]
adding an idea on the thread:
+ Recycling clothes' spaces (as we do with harderware)

Here this is called Loja livre ou on the eastern side Tienda gratis. 

Get some clothes from the boxes, and later hopefully if it keeps bumping in
your head, bring some of yours you don't use. 

Meanwhile, there are/can be naugthy people serigraphiing newcoming stuff to
sell it cheapbutfor$ for a benefit thing.. we couldn't resolve this debate
yet and for now we don't sell for $ the recicled ones and sell for $
brandnew tshirts someonedoingithimself offered to make. Looks a bit
ridiculous overall, but really money$uck$ lots and selling the recicled
because there is a new logo on them would start a path we may don't want to
walk through(should kill the name livre-gratis at that project)... 

Considering the abundance in clothes there is here, it could be seen as a
posh need you need a trendy tshirt, so it'd be fair to sell recicled
clothes for $ anywhere in pia under this argument. ...  but maybe then you
don't get that many inputs... and logo's outputs .  Calculate yourself, i

od luck 

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