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marc marc at hacklaviva.net
Wed Nov 18 04:42:05 CET 2009


once a girl who came to a hactivity here offered us her private's house
living room sometimes for hackingla and ...... ...........................
since then i'm trolling myself(and maybe now btw this list sorry) about the
minimum quantity of space (not as in server-bits-wifi-...). 
..i mean about a room how big minimum? somewhere where 2 people can fit
on? or just 1 "average's" size guy/girl enough?  
what's the smallest(as in square metres) in the list? which can be
even smaller?

and about, let me start(or bump or troll with) another thread
here:...somewhere that is offered for hacking although is has not been used
that yet or never will be would (writecorrectverbhere)?... 
if so, a single formal(as in court..) private property's owner declaration
would do it. ... or must it be bidirectional with some located
people(private contract "hackerx with her/him")? 
..... there are plenty of contracts for spaces' lendings, but/and i want to
ask anyway: has somegroup some contract with especificly estated things
about (h)activities' autonomy who'd like to share it?

what i mean with all this second rant: is there some way to give it to
unknown yet
people who comply some especified profile(has the fsfe fellowship card for
ex)[0]? and if + dictating some space's usage (QWERTY)[1]? 
and if(?) it adds verifiers for it as : 
-You whereveryoucomefrom hackerx(as in ...?) take it for (...time
and ASDF has the right of deciding you going out (has to/should be
to QWERTY). 
(ASDF is the verifier but didn't sign anything but gets some/all property's
rights as a present, it/he/she doesn't need to come to verify or resolve
anything if it/he/she doesn't want to)
nice forquoting bit here:
ASDF's role can be? ASDF can be an email adress? QWERTY'd need more than a
wiki page? or...
should it need to be the precise wiki version's page found at the exact
owner's declaration time if she/he didn't add 'or later versions of it' or
it/they has/have to be some static content(s) for avoiding crackywikiedits
of it which can harm the whole plot? or nevermindcrackywikiedits cos nobody
is never ever going to be that much really freaky! 

[*]another bit, maybe related:
Lending time? should it
has a minimum? which(where?)? 
if there's an answer from QWERTY or something else, has to be funnily

[0]furtherfurther maybe nowhere: Imagine that (AKAex:fsfe's fellowship)
card/chip can open spaces' locks...... [1]but some chip from someone can be
banned for opening some/all doors according to QWERTY v1, ZXCV 2.3, ...

ps- my apologizes for such a wordy, freaky, dumpy and maybe ridiculous full
mess age or parts of it. this writingofthis need happened to me while tired
of hardbloating a funny warranty disclaimer for a wiki...lol, (what am i
doing,) ...i'll get back to lurk in the archives very soon don't worry :)  

kip it up,

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