[hackerspaces] Deleting Wikipages

Steve Clement steve at localhost.lu
Tue Nov 17 10:47:38 CET 2009

YES! Let's exclude the excluders?!

I think we are all hyped up because of "the Germans" going Loony Balloony on de.wikipedia.de

Could it be that FINALLY H1N1 has crossed into the Realm of WikiSpace?

I am bedazzled ;) (I love that word)

Let's build a Hackerspace in Luxembourg!
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On Nov 13, 2009, at 3:26 PM, riot wrote:

> Jonas Lerch schrieb:
>> Would you please stop deleting pages with justifications like: "not a
>> physical hackerspace. a website for a local CCC meeting"?
>> I am actually pretty mad right now...
> I'm for kicking all exclusionists out of wikis! Hunt them down! Shoot 'em with
> Tazers!
> Makes me mad, too!
> A website for a local CCC meeting is a hackerspace in its own rights. Might even
> evolve to a phyiscal Hackerspace. Nobody ever deleted FeD, when it was without a
> space. Having a page at hackerspaces.org might LEAD to a physical space, because
> people are likely to look there for collaborators!
> Stop that; We deal with this kind of shit on de-wikipedia enough, already.
> Cheers,
> riot (slightly pissed off ;)
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