[hackerspaces] HackerSpace movement, history and development

Elmo elmo.mantynen at iki.fi
Sun Nov 15 10:15:26 CET 2009

astera wrote:
> Hey,
>> Hey, you should make a page on hackerspaces.org with live graphs
> like this? ;)
> http://hackerspaces.org/wiki/Timeline
> Unfortunately, as Enki already pointed out, the data we get from these
> stats can be construed extensively, for it's quite interpretative to
> name a single day as a founding date, for instance...
> Hack on,
> /astera

That doesn't seem very usable, and I meant more like the bar graphs.

As long as good explanations are provided, I think that visualizing that
data is interesting. The founding date has some significance, but for it
to be better defined, "hackerspace" would have to be better defined. And
the longer trend evens out that particular variability. The suggested
3-year minimum for a more rigorous definition of being active would help
here also, since it is quite likely that the first three (or six) years
includes the founding date of the space by most definitions. And the
graph had year as the lowest measure of time, which is a lot wider than
a single day. I would suggest that having separate fields for founding
year and month would be more usable in the wiki.


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