[hackerspaces] Software Licensing

webzeug at gbks.net webzeug at gbks.net
Thu Nov 12 01:03:43 CET 2009

stay legal.
First of all, you're not their Software provider. And there exists much 
OpenSource Software that meet their needs. If there are bugs or possibilities 
for improvment, they can try to work on this. So that other can use it 
easier, too.
Second, as sadly as it is, when you use propretiary software it's likely, that 
you have to use other prop. software as well, because prop.software often 
don't interact very well with open source, especially on the desktop..

Hacking is not only Hardware and fun, but giving sometimes something back to 
the community. even if it is only a small patch which helps bettering the 
install procedure..

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