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Wed Nov 4 09:13:14 CET 2009

Bartosz Kostrzewa schrieb:
> Steve Clement wrote:
>> john arclight wrote:
>>> If your short on space (who isn't?) then you might consider building a
>>> loft.  Starting at a few hundred $/Euros, you can add 50% to the usable
>>> space, maybe a library, kitchen, shower or whatever can be part of the deal.
>> This is quite interesting. Our space is 2.6m high so having anything
>> usefull is dificult. But once you have >3.5m it should be doable.
> Well, it is statically stable for 2 floors, so let's just make a project
> out of adding another floor!
The Netzladen in Bonn / Germany is build as a loft. But not over the
hole space just about 50%.
So we have a high "main part" an somethink like a balkony around it.
This is very usefull.
A point for a complete coverage with a secound flor in our case would be
the it is much cheeper the head a lower room.

> -B.

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