[hackerspaces] X-Mas wishlist

Bartosz Kostrzewa bartek at fastmail.net
Sun Nov 1 20:17:32 CET 2009

Steve Clement wrote:
> Dear Hackerspace users,
> As you all know there will be X-Mas soon. Not that we are the religious
> kind-a-type but we have been offered a very interesting opportunity.
> A generous donour, that still needs to be anonymous, has offered to buy
> us stuff from a wishlist.
> Terms and Conditions:
> - Needs to be on there BEFORE the 15th of December
> - HAS to be Cool
> - Can really be close to anything that we might need in the space
> Just add your favorite gadget, toy, tool, electronics toolset, 30
> terabyte hard disk, Deep Blue, nuclear reactor, MRI, Bio degradeble
> chair, whatever your project needs... to the list:
> https://www.hackerspace.lu/wiki/Wishlist
> The deadline will be the 1st of December! One month for theoretical
> shopping, enjoy!
> cheers,
> SC
> P.S: please link to the actual page where the item can be BOUGHT. If it
> needs to be ordered by third party please tell us so. In case you want
> to ask a question whether we REALLY need a Fusion Core Reactor, please
> use the mailing list.

WRONG mailing list my friend!

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