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Seth Hardy shardy at aculei.net
Fri May 15 18:01:26 CEST 2009

> > so maybe let's stop worrying about the moderation symptom and take a 
> > look at the problem: how can we deal with people who promote hostile 
> > environments that discourage other people from participating?
> By keeping a friendly and welcoming tone to newcomers and just ignore 
> the hostile (or perceived hostile) contributions ?

that's just it, though; there was no friendly or welcoming tone to 
anyone in the politics "discussion", and nobody other than the people 
asking about moderation spoke up when the hostility (not perceived) 
started flying.

you can ignore it, that's fine, but you're still going to lose the new 
(and not new) people who just aren't interested in getting shit on in an 
environment where there's supposed to be productive and friendly 
community building.

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