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webzeug at gbks.net webzeug at gbks.net
Fri May 15 02:53:03 CEST 2009

as others, i am not sure where and how to discuss in this thread... I'm not a 
fan of mail filtering, especially this list has many people with very much 
varying background and culture. (as it was said in another post). Something 
may be considered as netiquette-violation, where others don't see any 
Therefore i would suggest another solution: When a person X bothers other 
people with adhominem-attacks or simple insults, they can write to the 
list-administrator (with reasons and examples) to exclude X from the list.
Perhaps there could be a "three-strike-system" with admonitions from the 
listadmin. Or discussing the behaviour of the person on another list (but i 
don't think the last solution will be very popular, it means real work with 
misbehaving people =).
Perhaps it can be constituted, that only the people which are bothered by X 
can complain to the listadministrator ( I don't get why others can complain 
when they are not adressed...)
With this solution, there is no moderation beforehand, therefore no 
censorship, but a system which can punish people for their bad behaviour and 
others still can just killfile X.
There would still be a need for a code of conduct, which could be posted in 
the wiki, but should be discussed here. (yeah, that would be... a 

Personal note aside: I still have the feeling, that a few people think that i 
did  the adhominem-attacks, since i cannot see any other heavy 
misbehaviour... (perhaps there's really a strong difference in the culture of 
discussion..) So i want to point out, that at least 3ric didn't leave the 
list because of my behaviour. He wrote an email to me stating that he shares 
my opinion about an apolitical hackerspace at least in a few points.

Cya & gn8

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