[hackerspaces] core manual? and netiquete in this list

marc marc at hacklaviva.net
Wed May 13 14:31:52 CEST 2009

> Also I'd vote for an additional, moderated call-in one week after the
> next general call-in, on Sunday June 14th that is (but it could be any
> date actually), where everyone who's interested could elaborate on
> their ideas (in a respectful and openminded way, of course) on this
> subject.

what about the space's manuals? should we work through this list or  
the other in a core wiki document? or no need for tha doc?

and about what's been said about metatheorizing and the other list,  
i'm not really interested in that(won't bann it either) as i'd like to  
focus in the 'microenvirontments' as they are the basis for the  
'metatheory' i like: decentralized tending distributed networks from  
bottom to up, where there's not much need of argumenting with 'smart'  
macrotheorizing which repeated promotion of those cshould cause the  
onmoderation-blackhole status on this list for the poster redundance...
like other nettiquetes which deserve another wiki doc...

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