[hackerspaces] Thread which I nominate for death: "Hackingthe Spaces: A critical acclaim of what was, is and could be a hackerspace "

druid at stonedcoder.org druid at stonedcoder.org
Mon May 11 23:47:37 CEST 2009

Implicitly, off list in private emails, but yeah 3rics email did not call 
out moving the thread so much as simply killing it.

It's appropriate now to maybe just say

"in the future, if you feel a thread is inappropriate or damaging, feel 
free to file a request for it to be moved off list, respectfully, and see 
if your request gets seconded and thirded"

this will at least hopefully serve to either force discussion on what 
about the offending thread is harmful or inappropriate. This does not 
prevent anyone from sending emails, so is not censorship, more 
organizational self correction.

In major US corps it's common to see a manager send an email stating "THIS 
THREAD WILL NOT CONTINUE!" as an ultimatum, especially with senior 
engineers who often enjoy belaboring the point, well past the point of 
diminishing returns. This is not a good practice for a community of peers, 
so the "I request this thread be moved off list" and waiting for second 
and third votes is more appropriate.


On Mon, 11 May 2009, Jens Ohlig wrote:

> Am 11.05.2009 um 21:26 schrieb druid at stonedcoder.org:
>> Agree, common netiquette defines that on un-moderated lists, a call to
>> move a thread to another forum be respected, or at least not ridiculed.
> I'm not trying to ridicule it, but what other forum than "let it die" was 
> suggested? I'm asking because I'm still very much interested in the 
> discussion and would love to continue it.

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