[hackerspaces] Hacking the Spaces: A critical acclaim of what was, is and could be a hackerspace (or hacklab, for that matter)

Tilman Frosch til at das-labor.org
Mon May 11 21:51:00 CEST 2009

Am Montag, den 11.05.2009, 11:07 -0700 schrieb Dave Null:
*snip*sensible content*snap*

Dave, this one gets a fullACK.

I have been following the discussion and while already running a
hackerspace I could by no means identify with the AgitProp-pamphlet that
startet this discussion. I feel what its authors are doing, or trying to
do, is to hijack the great idea of hackerspaces in the name of some
political agenda. 
Dave did a very good job in describing what hackerspaces basicly are
about. There might be individuals or groups frequenting a hackerspace
that might identify with being the heirs of the hippies in some way.
There are individuals or groups frequenting hackerspaces for sure, that
feel that this kind of ideology, or any kind of ideology, is better off
outside a hackerspace.
I, for my part, tend to tolerate people who can identify with quite a
range of ideologies, but only as long as the do that in an unobtrusive
way. Nevertheless I think that this penetrant way of promoting certain
ideas, that we have experienced at the top of this thread, is dangerous.
It does not unite, it polarizes and therefore splits. As astera said, we
should focus on what we have in common, not what separates us. One thing
we have in common is that we, i.e. people commited to the
hackerspaces-idea, are diverse and could never possibly march in rows.


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