[hackerspaces] Hacking the Spaces: A critical acclaim of what was, is and could be a hackerspace (or hacklab, for that matter)

webzeug at gbks.net webzeug at gbks.net
Sun May 10 14:43:21 CEST 2009

I clearly don't like this text. It imposes the culture and the hackerspaces 
about being political at first. About being a child from the 68er movement. I 
know a few people who don't/didn't like the movement, but even so, they are 
engaging in hackerspaces. In my point of view, it is about tech and having 
fun with tech. There is to some point a social responsibility, but that 
sometimes doesn't come at second, or even at third in the priorization range.

I find social responsibility important, but i don't like these social theories 
which are chalked up by left-wingers. It patronizes us, as i see it. Why must 
be every social construct be theoretically analyzed and being absorbed 
by "them"?

> And due to this deficiency hackerspaces can no longer be shaped and
> politicized on a broader scale. 

Not every hackerspace has the need of changing culture and politics. For some 
people and spaces it is just a home, where they are accepted and can find 
other persons like themselves. And playing with tech.

You are right, that we should not be limited to a certain social class. But 
though, i don't want to be "changed" like the way you express it. We do not 
change you being like "us". 

I can barely read this text, without getting aggressive (seems obvious, duh). 
On a side note: making paragraphs and breaks in the text makes it easier to 


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