[hackerspaces] A lab in Bratislava?

das ende der nahrungskette jg at monochrom.at
Mon Mar 2 11:34:42 CET 2009

maybe contact via hysteria?

At 11:20 02.03.2009, you wrote:
>Hi, all,
>Does anyone have any contacts of hackerspaces or labs in Bratislava 
>(Slovakia)? Please, if you can provide me with some - do so, I'll be 
>mostly grateful as I'll have some time in this city and a meeting 
>with such guys will be quite helpful for the further development of 
>init Lab as we still got some issues, that are nice to be discussed 
>with more experienced lab-initiators. As I checked on the site - 
>there are no Slovak places there, but I still have some hope that 
>someone might know hackers living there and doing something of the kind...
>Thanks and have a nice day,
>Vladimir Vassilev
>init Lab
>mobile: +359 885 44 84 75
>web site: <http://initlab.startup-bg.org>initlab.startup-bg.org
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