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Aldert Hazenberg aldert at rotz.org
Sun Mar 1 21:07:03 CET 2009

Early-bird deadline 31st of March

   Important reminder: only one month left to enjoy the special
   early-birds rate of EUR 155,- (EUR 150,- with the discount code
   ‘1STBORN’) for your HAR2009 tickets. After March 31st 2009, the price
   will increase to EUR 180,-. So stop delaying, no more  
   click on [1]this link to the ticket shop *NOW* and order your
   ticket(s) immediately!

   Some of the reasons why you should not wait any longer:
     * ‘Van uitstel komt afstel’: Dutch idiom explicating that if you
       delay you will likely forget and end up paying the full price of
       EUR 180,- next month;
     * We need money to pay up-front for tents, equipment and more;
     * We might sell right out of tickets before you order yours;
     * It gives ease-of-mind, knowing that you have your ticket printed
       and ready for HAR2009;
     * Early-birds get an instant boost to their karma.


   We are happy to announce that a number of parties have been so kind  
   bestow upon HAR2009 some rather large sums of money, to make up the
   deficit between $ticket_income and $total_spendings. We are eternally
   thankful to the Internet4all foundation, Fox IT and Madison Gurkha  
   their enthousiasm and selfless support of this event. Meanwhile, a
   number of other parties are interested in chipping in. Negotiations  
   still underway, but the outlook is far from grim.

   Now, there is a downside: all of those that followed my advice to buy
   large quantities of tickets for trade on the highly lucrative black
   market will be disappointed to hear that thanks to these sponsors,
   ticket prices at the door will be lower than initially planned.  
   of EUR 250,-, the prices will more likely gravitate towards EUR  
   That is, if ticket pre-sales keep up at the current pace. To help  
   up that pace, head over to [2]the ticket shop now and pre-order your
   tickets. We know the number of website visitors and announce mailing
   list subscribers exceed the number of sold tickets, so there are
   hundreds of people who did not buy a ticket yet!

HAR2009 field day for all

   De Paasheuvel, the location for HAR2009, is quite a popular  
   for many a group-trip. Over the months more than once someone  
   ‘Hey, I know that terrain, I used to go there {on schooltrips, with  
   scouts, on team-building missions}!’. It seems at least half of the
   Dutch citizens has at some time spent a weekend or more in those
   cabins, bonding with their peers.

   To give the other half of the Dutch and all those foreign folks to  
   De Paasheuvel is merely a myth the chance to acquaint themselves with
   the location, a tour of the terrain has been planned on april 18th
   2009. We will start at 12:00 (CET) with coffee and tea, and after a
   short introduction a guided tour is planned. If all goes well, the  
   will be vacated at 17:00 (CET) at the latest.

   If you are joining the tour, please indicate so on [3]the wiki page.
   Also, the wiki page is a great place to coordinate car-pools or
   ‘[4]samenreiskorting’. If you are coming from far and do not mind a
   bit of luxury, [5]Hotel de Malle Jan (hotel the daft Jack) is right
   around the corner.


  1. https://tickets.har2009.org/
  2. https://tickets.har2009.org/
  3. https://wiki.har2009.org/page/Field_day
  4. http://tinyurl.com/b3g8j9
  5. http://www.hoteldemallejan.nl/?LANGUAGE=EN

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