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Datum: Sun, 1 Mar 2009 13:34:27 +0100
Von: Andreas Mueller <andrmuel at ee.ethz.ch>
Betreff: Cosin 2009 CfP

Hello everyone

Once again, this summer there will be a Cosin in Switzerland - a
three-day convention of chaotic creatures with planned content all
around information science, engineering and politics. This will be the
fourth Chaos Singularity (Cosin)!

As usual, we'd like to concentrate a maximum amount of chaos at a
single point in the space-time continuum, at

July 10th-12th 2009 at the KuZeB in Bremgarten (Aargau/CH)

Everyone is invited to hold workshops and lectures. They can be
submitted in German or English via Pentabarf [1] (or to
cosin-orga at chaostreff.ch if you prefer). Talks about hardware,
software, politics or society are equally welcome. The schedule of last
years Cosin [2] may provide a good reference about desired content. We
will publish the schedule on June 21th 2009. You may submit content
later, but we will schedule such content wherever there is space left.

More information can be found on our website [3]. Questions may be
directed towards cosin-orga at chaostreff.ch, or they can be posted on our
public mailing list [4].

The central facts:

Date: July 10th-12th 2009
Deadline for Content: June 21th 2009
Place: KuZeB [5], Bremgarten [6], Aargau, Switzerland
Admission: 10 CHF / 7 Euro
Essen: Breakfast / Dinner at KuZeB (cost: CHF 5, registration: [7])
Bar: Mate and other beverages at cost price
Accommodation: You may sleep at KuZeB

We hope to meet you at Cosin 2009!

Cosin Orga

PS We are grateful for any kind of distribution of this CfP!

PPS We'd like to advertise the OpenElectroLab [8] already, as there is a
deadline for orders.

[1] https://cccv.pentabarf.org/submission/Cosin09
[2] http://cosin.ch/fahrplan/2008/index.en.html
[3] http://cosin.ch/en/  (Mirror: http://cosin.chaostreff.ch)
[4] http://sonne.alt-f4.ch/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/swiss-chaos
[5] http://kuzeb.ch
[6] http://map.search.ch/bremgarten(ag)
[7] http://doodle.com/9pe7c9vq99fz7d4r
[8] http://cosin.ch/de/projekte/OpenElectroLab/
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