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Here are some students in Brooklyn wishing to interview hackers...


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from: Richard <hackersociety at live.com>
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Hello Sir,
We are a group of 3 college students at brooklyn college, NY, who are
working on a project called hackers society, in which we need to interview
20 people who are in the hacking industry, White, black and grey hackers.
Interviews must be Audio or Video or some legitimate mean on the computer,
and questions samples are listed under. Our questions only tries to
identifies hackers as a social group rather than technical questions. We
really hope you could help us, or give us prospects who can possibly help
in this as we Guarantee that everything will remain anonymous and
confidential. This will be presented in front of 60 students so we can
list or mention your site in front of them as an advertisement per-say!

1-How do hackers feel towards society?
2-do they belong to a certain society? or do they consider themselves so?
3-do they organize themselves in groups?
4-what made them choose this social form?
5-habits they share with other hackers?
6-how does society feels towards them?
7-does their society change with time? evolving? growing? 
8-what dangers they face?
9-what kind of food they eat?
10- Symbology of some of their actions?
11-are they Ethnocentric? cultural relativism in hacker's society
12-do they have hierarchy in their cultures?
12-are they composed of women, men, mix of both?
13-who is the dominant part in this society?
14-Their outlook on sex?!?
15-nick names?
16-other jobs they maintain.

Thank you very much and hope to hear from you soon.

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