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On Tue, Jul 28, 2009 at 02:40:50PM +0200, Caspar Clemens Mierau wrote:
> On  Tue, Jul  28, 2009  at 02:16:34PM  +0200, Caspar  Clemens Mierau
> wrote:
> > On Tue, Jul 28, 2009 at 02:12:15PM +0200, jaromil wrote:
> > >  ...yet  another hackerspace project (YAHSP!)
> > > 
> > >      HACKER MUSIC  ALBUM #1  - a simple  compilation of  what we
> > >      L0V3(d)
> > > 
> > > more titles please?  Grateful Death should be in there too IMHO.
> > 
> > Kraftwerk - Nummern
> > Kraftwerk - Computerwelt
> > Miss Kittin and the Hacker - 1982
> Ah.
> Bodenständig 2000 - Kabelfreaks
> Bodenständig 2000 - Die Tragödie Von Karl-Dieter
> There are English lyrics translations available:
> Cablefreax

wow, nice

> The Tragedy of Karl-Dieter
> Karl-Dieter. Karl-Dieter!
> What is it, Dad?
> Don't tell me you're playing ATARI again?
> Yes, Dad, why?
> You don't do anything but sit around the house all day, Karl-Dieter.
> Let me see that!
> Hey, what?
> You've got all pixely eyes by now.
> Nonsense!
> Well yes, you do. Why don't you go out, have some fresh air.
> It's not fresh really.
> The sunshine and  the fresh air will do  you good, Karl-Dieter. Come
> on, out!
> Aaaand what am I supposed to do outside?
> Birdwatching counts among the finest activities of nature lovers. It
> is  not only  the gay  medley and  the often  colorful  plumage that
> enthuses us, but even more so the birdsongs which have aroused man's
> interest in  these creatures  since the beginning  of time.  What is
> more, the  birdsong is very often  the only chance  of determining a
> species. Why, now, do birds sing?
> Most certainly  not for pure entertainment,  as many a  man might be
> lead   to  believe.   The  males   rather  mark   their  territories
> acoustically and call their females  during m8ing season. As soon as
> the  birds  awake,  often  long  before sunrise,  they  start  their
> songs.  After  the  dead of  night,  such  an  early concert  is  an
> impressive event time and again.   Above all, the call of the cuckoo
> is distinctly audible at that time of day...
> Ain't that beeewdiful...
> The blackbird, alas, figures prominently  in this choir. Its song is
> one of  the most adorable of  our avian wildlife. The  male tries to
> attract a m8 with his call. A passing gray heron is cawing hoarsely.
> Ain't that beeewdiful...
> (white dove, fly with the wind...)
> Dear Daddy,
> This tape is my last goodbye. I will now enter my ATARI via the user
> interface and will turn into an OS call. I'll be converting graphics
> from the standard to the  specific device format, thing i was always
> best at. Please  hand the bird book back to  the library by Tuesday,
> or you'll have to pay an extra Deutschmark.
> RTS, uhmm, bye
> Karl-Dieter 
> From: http://www.nullsleep.com/bodenstandig/

mmm.  made  me think of this  little favourite i have,  just a written
"chant", still pretty much about hackers and birds:

Chant: the General Song Of Humanity

On the coast of Chile where Neruda lived
    it's well known that
       seabirds often steal
                     letters out of mailboxes
                       which they would like to scan
                                for various reasons
Shall I enumerate the reasons?
        they are quite clear
                even given the silence of birds on the subject
    (except when they speak of it
         among themselves
   between cries)

First of all
	they steal the letters because
	       they sense that the General Song
		              of the words of everyone
                     hidden in these letters
      must certainly bear the keys
             to the heart itself of humanity
                              which the birds themselves
                                   have never been able to fathom
               (in fact entertaining much doubt
	       that there actually are
				hearts in humans)
And then these birds have a further feeling
                 that their own general song
		might somehow be enriched
                           by these strange cries of humans
       (What a weird bird-brain idea
             that our twitterings might enlighten them)

But when they stole away
                       with neruda's own letters
               out of his mailbox at Isla Negra
          they were in fact stealing back their own Canto General
    which he had originally gathered
				 from them
	   with their omnivorous  & ecstatic
                                                    sweeping vision

But now that Neruda is dead
      no more such letters are written
          and they must play it by ear again -
                the high great song
                                in the heart of our blood & silence

Lawrence Ferlinghetti - Cuernavaca, 26 october 1975

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