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On 7/14/09, fish at smurfer.net <fish at smurfer.net> wrote:
> Hi All!
> on HAR I will volunteer at HAR FM, the FM broadcasting station of HAR.
> Yesterday we had a great meet with the HAR FM team and the idea to do
> an hackerspace hour was born.
> The program will contain information about hackerspaces, projects,
> community, etc. etc.
> For this we need some people who can help us with some content (we can
> also us more people at the team), interviews (to do and to be).
> If you're interested, please let me know. Also idea's, comments, best
> practices, etc will be welcome.
> Greetz,
> Fish (HARfish on HAR)
> HAR FM is on twitter: http://www.twitter.com/harfm
> HAR FM's wiki page: https://wiki.har2009.org/page/FM
> On Jul 14, 2009, at 12:16 PM, Aldert Hazenberg wrote:
>> Pre-sale closing in one week, family village, fun and recruitment
>> In this announcement:
>> - Pre-sale closing in one week
>> - The family village
>> - Relax at the lounge and HARcade
>> - Wanted: verkeersregelaars
>> - Just in: shred your harddisk at HAR2009
>> Pre-sale closing in one week
>>   This is your ABSOLUTE LAST CHANCE to get a discount on your
>> [1]HAR2009
>>   ticket. Just one week left to get a EUR 20,- discount on the ticket
>>   price: a pre-sale ticket sells for EUR 185,- (tickets at the event
>>   entrance will sell for EUR 205,-). Readers of this website list get
>> an
>>   extra EUR 5,- discount by entering the coupon code ‘WBPPRCH’. After
>>   termination of the pre-sales on July 20th, 23:59 CET, direct
>> transfers
>>   will be processed for two more weeks. iDeal (dutch electronic
>> payments)
>>   and credit card orders will be processed up until August 1st. At
>> that
>>   date, the ticket shop will close.
>>   We realize that for some, EUR 205,- is quite a large amount.
>> Especially
>>   if you come from far, the cost of entrance and travel might be
>>   insurmountable. Economic factors should not be a limiting factor to
>>   attend, but the financial reality of organizing HAR2009 leaves
>> little
>>   room for discounts or other compensations. However, together with
>> IBM,
>>   HAR2009 has made room in the budget for a number of free entrance
>>   tickets. If you want to apply, please consult [2]the social fund
>> page
>>   and send in your request. Sadly, only a limited number of these free
>>   passes is available. Applications must be in before August 1st.
>> The family village
>>   Situated around a large central tent on the edge of the event
>> terrain,
>>   the family village invites families with children to set up camp and
>>   participate in fun and educational activities. A virtually unlimited
>>   supply of lemonade, crayons, paint and drawing paper brings endless
>> fun
>>   for the younger kids. A sandbox (with actual sand, not a virtual
>> one),
>>   a water slide and more are featured as well. Kids can enjoy
>> themselves
>>   and an instant group of playmates.
>>   For the older kids, there will be workshops on robotics with LEGO
>>   Mindstorms, soldering and hardware tinkering, wikipedia and wiki
>>   technology in general, lock picking, building water rockets, a
>> special
>>   drone flight show and more. On one of the days, there will be a
>> pancake
>>   baking session, after which said pancakes will be eaten by the kids.
>>   The family village is not a baby dump or daycare center though!
>> Parents
>>   are asked to participate in the activities, and are always
>> responsible
>>   for their own kids. If you think your kid is not old or responsible
>>   enough to walk around the campgrounds alone, you should not leave
>> her
>>   or him at the family village without staying yourself.
>>   The family village has [3]a wiki page, with all the details, and
>>   requirements for the workshops (such as ‘bring your own laptop’ for
>> the
>>   LEGO workshop).
>> Relax at the lounge and HARcade
>>   There is ample opportunity to take a break from the lectures and
>>   workshops. To name just two, both the HAR lounge and the [4]HARcade
>>   are located right in the centre of the camp. The lounge is the
>> perfect
>>   place to contemplate and reflect on the days program, leisurely
>> sipping
>>   a cocktail or any of the other refreshments available from the bar.
>>   Soothing music will complete the experience.
>>   If that’s not intense enough, you might take the stairs that lead
>> from
>>   the lounge into the HARcade: a serious game room packed with a
>> number
>>   of great pinball games (such as the top 3 games from the internet
>>   pinball database, well at least 3 weeks ago before Cirqus Voltaire
>> and
>>   ST:TNG switched places). Courtesy of pinball-loving visitors and
>>   members of the [5]Dutch Pinball Association. A classic asteroids
>> game
>>   flanked by the [6]metacade and one hand-made game complete the
>> arcade
>>   experience.
>>   And last but not least, a 3 meter high blinkenlights project, the
>>   [7]troicade, will be the canvas for [8]a movie contest. So all in
>>   all, HAR2009 is not all work, but a lot of play as well!
>> Wanted: verkeersregelaars
>>   Vierhouten is a small village, with narrow roads and only so much
>>   capacity for cars. Local authorities have asked us to come up with a
>>   traffic plan, and asked us to manage traffic. What we need is at
>> least
>>   25 ‘verkeersregelaars’.
>>   Verkeersregelaars (literally translates to ‘traffic managers’)
>> fulfill
>>   an essential role in the Traffic Plan. Their job: guiding arriving
>> cars
>>   through the little village onto the Parking Field, preventing an
>> epic
>>   traffic jam from forming. Basically, several verkeersregelaars will
>>   stand at strategic road junctions, to direct traffic in the right
>>   direction and report on possible problems.
>>   Unfortunately, it is not possible to randomly volunteer for this
>> task
>>   on the event, since the local authorities have stipulated some
>>   constraints: the verkeersregelaars need to be at least 16 years of
>> age,
>>   have the Dutch nationality and take a short introductory course. We
>>   have managed to arrange for this course to be given on the evening
>> of
>>   August 10th.
>>   We are looking for around 25 volunteers to man the shifts throughout
>>   the 12th and 13th of august. You will get to learn a new skill, and
>> see
>>   everyone arrive (expect to observe some interesting vehicles). On
>> peak
>>   moments, there will be at most 6 verkeersregelaars on duty
>>   simultaneously, normally less than 6. This will not be a full-time
>> job,
>>   if you can do 1 or 2 shifts that’s probably enough.
>>   We are on a deadline though: the local authorities have asked us to
>>   send in the list of names ASAP! So if you are planning to arrive on
>> the
>>   10th of august (or can change your plans to arrive on the 10th), and
>>   don’t mind a few hours of verkeer regelen (managing traffic), follow
>>   the instructions on [9]the wiki page.
>> Just in: shred your harddisk at HAR2009
>>   Ok, this announcement is already crammed with items but this is too
>>   much fun. On friday the 14th, a harddisk shredder will be on the
>>   terrain and at your service. [10]Sign up for a timeslot, show up
>> with
>>   your harddisk and go home with the shrapnel that once was your
>>   harddisk. Fun for the whole family! And don’t worry, this is the
>> new,
>>   silent version of the shredder so you can leave your ear-protection
>> in
>>   your tent. A great way to randomize your data!
>> References
>>   1. https://tickets.har2009.org/
>>   2. https://wiki.har2009.org/page/Social_fund
>>   3. https://wiki.har2009.org/page/Family_Village
>>   4. https://wiki.har2009.org/page/Village:HARcade
>>   5. http://www.nfvpinball.nl/
>>   6. http://metalab.at/wiki/Metacade
>>   7. https://wiki.blinkenarea.org/index.php/TroiCade
>>   8. https://har2009.org/program/events/131.en.html
>>   9. https://wiki.har2009.org/page/Verkeersregelaars
>>  10. http://www.security.nl/shredder/
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