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Aldert Hazenberg aldert at rotz.org
Tue Jul 14 12:16:26 CEST 2009

Pre-sale closing in one week, family village, fun and recruitment

In this announcement:

- Pre-sale closing in one week
- The family village
- Relax at the lounge and HARcade
- Wanted: verkeersregelaars
- Just in: shred your harddisk at HAR2009

Pre-sale closing in one week

   This is your ABSOLUTE LAST CHANCE to get a discount on your  
   ticket. Just one week left to get a EUR 20,- discount on the ticket
   price: a pre-sale ticket sells for EUR 185,- (tickets at the event
   entrance will sell for EUR 205,-). Readers of this website list get  
   extra EUR 5,- discount by entering the coupon code ‘WBPPRCH’. After
   termination of the pre-sales on July 20th, 23:59 CET, direct  
   will be processed for two more weeks. iDeal (dutch electronic  
   and credit card orders will be processed up until August 1st. At that
   date, the ticket shop will close.

   We realize that for some, EUR 205,- is quite a large amount.  
   if you come from far, the cost of entrance and travel might be
   insurmountable. Economic factors should not be a limiting factor to
   attend, but the financial reality of organizing HAR2009 leaves little
   room for discounts or other compensations. However, together with  
   HAR2009 has made room in the budget for a number of free entrance
   tickets. If you want to apply, please consult [2]the social fund page
   and send in your request. Sadly, only a limited number of these free
   passes is available. Applications must be in before August 1st.

The family village

   Situated around a large central tent on the edge of the event  
   the family village invites families with children to set up camp and
   participate in fun and educational activities. A virtually unlimited
   supply of lemonade, crayons, paint and drawing paper brings endless  
   for the younger kids. A sandbox (with actual sand, not a virtual  
   a water slide and more are featured as well. Kids can enjoy  
   and an instant group of playmates.

   For the older kids, there will be workshops on robotics with LEGO
   Mindstorms, soldering and hardware tinkering, wikipedia and wiki
   technology in general, lock picking, building water rockets, a  
   drone flight show and more. On one of the days, there will be a  
   baking session, after which said pancakes will be eaten by the kids.

   The family village is not a baby dump or daycare center though!  
   are asked to participate in the activities, and are always  
   for their own kids. If you think your kid is not old or responsible
   enough to walk around the campgrounds alone, you should not leave her
   or him at the family village without staying yourself.

   The family village has [3]a wiki page, with all the details, and
   requirements for the workshops (such as ‘bring your own laptop’ for  
   LEGO workshop).

Relax at the lounge and HARcade

   There is ample opportunity to take a break from the lectures and
   workshops. To name just two, both the HAR lounge and the [4]HARcade
   are located right in the centre of the camp. The lounge is the  
   place to contemplate and reflect on the days program, leisurely  
   a cocktail or any of the other refreshments available from the bar.
   Soothing music will complete the experience.

   If that’s not intense enough, you might take the stairs that lead  
   the lounge into the HARcade: a serious game room packed with a number
   of great pinball games (such as the top 3 games from the internet
   pinball database, well at least 3 weeks ago before Cirqus Voltaire  
   ST:TNG switched places). Courtesy of pinball-loving visitors and
   members of the [5]Dutch Pinball Association. A classic asteroids game
   flanked by the [6]metacade and one hand-made game complete the arcade

   And last but not least, a 3 meter high blinkenlights project, the
   [7]troicade, will be the canvas for [8]a movie contest. So all in
   all, HAR2009 is not all work, but a lot of play as well!

Wanted: verkeersregelaars

   Vierhouten is a small village, with narrow roads and only so much
   capacity for cars. Local authorities have asked us to come up with a
   traffic plan, and asked us to manage traffic. What we need is at  
   25 ‘verkeersregelaars’.

   Verkeersregelaars (literally translates to ‘traffic managers’)  
   an essential role in the Traffic Plan. Their job: guiding arriving  
   through the little village onto the Parking Field, preventing an epic
   traffic jam from forming. Basically, several verkeersregelaars will
   stand at strategic road junctions, to direct traffic in the right
   direction and report on possible problems.

   Unfortunately, it is not possible to randomly volunteer for this task
   on the event, since the local authorities have stipulated some
   constraints: the verkeersregelaars need to be at least 16 years of  
   have the Dutch nationality and take a short introductory course. We
   have managed to arrange for this course to be given on the evening of
   August 10th.

   We are looking for around 25 volunteers to man the shifts throughout
   the 12th and 13th of august. You will get to learn a new skill, and  
   everyone arrive (expect to observe some interesting vehicles). On  
   moments, there will be at most 6 verkeersregelaars on duty
   simultaneously, normally less than 6. This will not be a full-time  
   if you can do 1 or 2 shifts that’s probably enough.

   We are on a deadline though: the local authorities have asked us to
   send in the list of names ASAP! So if you are planning to arrive on  
   10th of august (or can change your plans to arrive on the 10th), and
   don’t mind a few hours of verkeer regelen (managing traffic), follow
   the instructions on [9]the wiki page.

Just in: shred your harddisk at HAR2009

   Ok, this announcement is already crammed with items but this is too
   much fun. On friday the 14th, a harddisk shredder will be on the
   terrain and at your service. [10]Sign up for a timeslot, show up with
   your harddisk and go home with the shrapnel that once was your
   harddisk. Fun for the whole family! And don’t worry, this is the new,
   silent version of the shredder so you can leave your ear-protection  
   your tent. A great way to randomize your data!


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