[hackerspaces] [hackerspaces-announce] BruCon in Brussels, Sept. 09

Steve Clement steve at localhost.lu
Tue Jul 7 12:25:24 CEST 2009

Hi people,

We at syn2cat will be participating in BruCon 2009.

After an interesting talk with on of the main organisers we decided to  
do a small Soldering Workshop for interested parties at the conference  
and via that Bias infiltrate the Security Community with a Makers  

Negotiating entries was also possible. In our oppinion 2-3 Free  
entries for a HackerSpace are good.

Some of you have seen the pictures from HSF -


We will have a similar setup in Brussels and would be happy if other  
Spaces joined in!

And after all we are Hackers and now how Security works and also what  
it means once you have a $SHELL at a $VENUE ;)



Let's build a Hackerspace in Luxembourg!
mailto:steve at hackerspace.lu
.lu: +352 20 333 55 65

On Jun 29, 2009, at 6:19 PM, friday demola wrote:

> Lol ...That's sound funny.
> Well if you guys didn't contribute any money i don't think you we be
> able to get the necessary equipment that you we be using in your HL.
> Cheers
> Demo
> On 6/29/09, asbesto <asbesto at freaknet.org> wrote:
>> Sun, Jun 28, 2009 at 03:02:58PM +0200, Benny Ketelslegers wrote:
>>> Blackhat and look at their income prices. If we don't support the  
>>> ones you
>>> mentioned, all we will have left is Blackhat, RSA, and others. If  
>>> people
>>> find HAR too expensive, they should find a weekend job like I did  
>>> for 4
>>> years when I was a student. Complaining is easy, doing something  
>>> about it
>>> is
>>> another.
>> And so what about italian Hackmeeting experiences, going on since  
>> 1998,
>> totally with no money & no sponsor at all, but just with free and  
>> voluntary
>> subscription at the entrance? :)
>> I really don't understand WHY this is possible only in Italy, or  
>> spain (with
>> their hackmeeting, also) or with the transhackmeeting in Croatia.
>> Money is NOT necessary for much of the things we do. We have to  
>> learn that!
>> want to make a meeting? Find a place, or squat one, put people  
>> together.
>> What money we need to do this? :)
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