[hackerspaces] Insurance Recommendations for a US-based space?

Mitch Altman maltman23 at hotmail.com
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Noisebridge is in San Francisco, which is a place where insurance is higher than most.  We also have 1000 sq. ft.  But we do allow anyone to come in, including groups of kids (any age).  $1,300 seems about right for liability.



We were very upfront about who we are (a hacker space) and what we do.  It is best not to call what you do "light industrial" since that has a meaning (though I can't remember what) that is not descriptive of what goes on in hacker spaces.  It's great that you have a space where you can do welding.  :)



Our broker is MIF Insurance Agency, in San Francisco.









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Hi Mitch,

I started by calling my car insurance guy, and got a referral to an agent he trusts for commercial work.  What it came down to, was that we had to come up with a way of explaining what it is that we do and then sell it to an insurance carrier.  In our case, we put pictures of the robot kits we build up, built a web site around it and then also described all of the activities we do there (light industrial work, computer programming, some welding, etc).  We're a small group and not usually bringing in big youth groups or whatever, so our needs might be slightly different than some others.

Our insurance was around $1300/year for the space and some limited completed products liability coverage.  The space is a bit over 1,000ft^2.

I'm not sure what state you're in, but I can give you a contact if you'd like. 



On Thu, Jul 2, 2009 at 6:39 AM, Jason Bailey <jason at hive13.org> wrote:

We've recently signed a lease on a space and are searching for an appropriate insurance provider.  Several of the usual suspects have said we need a specialty policy written, and it's taking some time to get together.  Others have simply responded that they cannot offer the type of coverage we need.

Can anyone speak to the type of insurance they've purchased for their space and why that particular type of coverage was chosen?  Also, we're trying to work the costs into the budget, but as of yet have only guesses as to what our monthly premium may be.  Is anyone comfortable sharing what their monthly costs are?

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