[hackerspaces] Recommendations for 3d printing (RepRap)

marcel marcel at rucksackreinigung.de
Thu Jul 2 13:08:27 CEST 2009


>for the c-base (c-base.org / Berlin / Germany) I'd really like to see a
>3d printer in action. As we were just talking about the missing
>communication about experiences in this field at the HSF2009 round
>table 'd like to ask for your kind hints.

the µc³ accuired a rapman some weeks ago. see http://bitsfrombytes.com/
for more information.

>We currently have nearly no 3d printing experiences at all at c-base,
>but have some folks fairly good at soldering. So my questions are:
>- Are there, besides the official web site information, experiences
>  that you'd like to share, before we start reprapping?

we have some documentation available in our wiki.
have a look at https://wiki.muc.ccc.de/reprap:start


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