[hackerspaces] Interconnecting Semantic Media Wikis (HSF round-table topic)

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Wed Jul 1 21:48:08 CEST 2009

Makers Local 256 is running mediawiki, I'll talk to the guys about trying to
implement this.  I think this is a pretty important step in opening
communication between various hackerspaces.


On Wed, Jul 1, 2009 at 2:43 PM, astera <astera at hackerspaces.org> wrote:

> Hey Bartek,
> awesome, thanks a ton for your writeup!
> Putting this together is a wonderful plan, however I wonder how many
> hackerspaces would like to participate (running mediawiki already, or
> starting to do so)? Could these folks reply to this thread, as I'd find it
> useful to find out if the implementation effort goes along the lines of
> future use(ability)?
> I <3 you guys ;)
> Hack on,
> /astera
> On Wed, Jul 1, 2009 at 5:05 PM, Bartosz Kostrzewa <zoombat at runbox.com>wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> as was discussed in Paris it would be interesting to interconnect our
>> wikis to make information sharing simple while not requiring a
>> centralized system.
>> Semantic Media Wiki (SMW) allows just that. Another wiki can either send
>> a request for [CSV, JSON, RDF] data for a specific SWM query and use it
>> on a page using the External Data extension
>> (
>> http://semantic-mediawiki.org/wiki/Help:MediaWiki_extensions#External_Data
>> )
>> or alternatively the source wiki could simply provide a CSV of its
>> semantic data to be imported by another wiki on a regular basis.
>> I suppose an appropriate place for this would be hackerspaces.org. I can
>> think of about 5 steps to get this working:
>> 1) decide on which content should be shared through this method (I
>> believe events and projects would be sufficient)
>> 2) establish a standard set of Categories, Subcategories and
>> SubSubCategories across hackerspace wikis, write down this standard
>> somewhere
>> 3) Implement SMW on all wikis that want to participate
>> 4) decide on one of two modes of operation (direct queries are realtime,
>> but will produce higher bandwidth requirements and significant
>> connection overhead for each query)
>> 5) decide on a location for displaying this information (hackerspaces.org?)
>> Notes:
>> 2) (sub)subcategories: during the round-table someone mentioned that
>> they would be interested in having digests in a given field because they
>> feel overwhelmed in filtering all the cruft that does not interest them
>> from project lists, something like: Category:Projects,
>> Subcategory:Hardware, SubSubCategory:Embedded... This way the "PROJECTS
>> FROM ALL HACKERSPACES" page can be organized into sections.
>> I'm not sure whether SMW objects can be assigned multiple tags from the
>> same group at once (ie two subcategories for instance) Another question
>> is whether to display such overlapping projects multiple times on the
>> page, once for each query they fit.
>> -Bartek
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