[hackerspaces] Recommendations for 3d printing (RepRap)

Caspar Clemens Mierau ccm at c-base.org
Wed Jul 1 17:04:03 CEST 2009

Hi there,

for the c-base (c-base.org / Berlin / Germany) I'd really like to see a
3d printer in action. As we were just talking about the missing
communication about experiences in this field at the HSF2009 round
table 'd like to ask for your kind hints.

We currently have nearly no 3d printing experiences at all at c-base,
but have some folks fairly good at soldering. So my questions are:

- Are there, besides the official web site information, experiences
  that you'd like to share, before we start reprapping?
- Would it be helpful getting in contact with a hackerspace already
  having a RepRap in order to avoid RepStrapping?

Best from Berlin,


Caspar Clemens Mierau
 Dipl.-Kult. (Medien)
 official "Ubuntu member"
 ubuntu Deutschland e.V.
 Ubuntu Berlin
 c-base e.V.

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