[hackerspaces] New hackerspace in Bulgaria

Peter Kuhm peter at null.priv.at
Sun Jan 25 20:58:28 CET 2009

Hello Vladimir,
Hi all,

On Sun, 25 Jan 2009 20:40:31 +0200 Vladimir Vassilev wrote:

> 2. I just registered init Lab in the wiki of Hackerspaces, but... somehow
> managed to mistype it's name as Bulgaria... so now the hackerspace is called
> Bulgaria :D Sorry being such a dumb ass, but had never editted wikis and it
> is a kind weird that I can't find the place to edit the topic (which should
> be "init Lab" and not "Bulgaria"). Any help on that will be appreciated!

don't worry, I've fixed that already.

Read http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Help:Editing_pages for the first steps
on Mediawiki, the software behind Wikipedia.

There are some forms available on hackerspaces.org that help to keep the
editing simple once the page has been created.

see http://hackerspaces.org/wiki/Initlab 
(and http://hackerspaces.org/wiki/Init_lab redirects to it)

> 3. Back on the serious stuff, what kind of internal hierarchy should the Lab
> have? I mean, do we have to stick on the formal stuff - chairman, directors
> of the board and so on, or it would be better to be dinamic, structured on
> paper only. What do you think of meritocracy and is it applyable in our case
> (ASF is a fine example).

there is no single right solution, I've already pointed you to
last week. Don't know if you had time to watch the video. There
one gets an idea about some different flavours.

There will be a book on hackerspaces, it was targeted to get it on
dead trees until the 25C3 but I don't know about the current state.

BTW, there was a short thread on the nettime list
-> http://www.nettime.org/Lists-Archives/nettime-l-0901/threads.html
| Harv Stanic: ASCII: Amsterdam Subversive Code for Information Interchange.
.nl has a special situation regarding house squatting and a long history
on temporary free spaces

> I will be grateful to any other advice, comment or whatever :)

Often support of privacy and digital rights are topics around hackerspaces.
I know a nice, capable guy from http://www.isoc.bg/ who also organizes the 
http://bg.bigbrotherawards.org/ - maybe you want to chat with Veni without
any commitment about mutual support, just let me know.


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