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neingeist neingeist at entropia.de
Tue Jan 13 15:33:25 CET 2009

* Paul Böhm schrieb:
> the two main issues that are bugging me right now are backups (not
> happening right now) and mailinglists (mostly we just use aliases on
> gmail, since we don't have mailman configured on the hackerspaces
> server yet)

i would setup backup if the gigabytes aren't too many :)

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAQEA43Hnu/3g/6henT1ECiuB385NLQFB8EFzvzQUKla/WEHvkWx+JTutL1XFTRVkdxZr0dmp3RTF+rDbmnWuYVPnOSjKCMlCBtP78ajJakEbwTMwH/YXKAiVFtCawkhmeCA3ekVhnvnOdABzUwXsiS54ep5KVppZnyU1oNHZMPuIFVTB7zvH+VEA2F5c1lynRqPWxVgrYfUKaY8f4cZm16++pOJgXMORyGeNRGYmrQQ7rDNgj4q6KEZNYqUnOZiXhaaN7dkhwyMv2+7bugRpAdMB1+4D3twFg33Hep9hMqI0mjqnqyo0GOiAf3IW8V1COIEJ2j38pgFt6jYxEbDN60YfUw== neingeist at entropia.de

+++ neingeist
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