[hackerspaces] CCCKC Facility and Raffle

jur1st jur1st at cowtowncomputercongress.org
Sat Jan 10 19:09:14 CET 2009

For those who haven't heard yet, we'll be signing our lease early next  
week for our underground facility in KC.  This should be an extremely  
cool place as it has a large classroom area in addition to some great  
places for people to break out and work on projects.


We've also posted information about our spring fundraiser.  We're  
raffling off a Macbook (or something of lesser value depending on how  
many tickets are purchased) and tickets are $25.  While this is  
certainly open to the world, we're hoping that we get a lot of  
participation from the hacker space community worldwide on this.


We're shooting for a grand opening celebration during the first week  
of March, after we have plenty of time to prepare the space for public  
consumption.  If anyone would like to come in to give a talk, put on a  
workshop or just take part in the festivities drop me a line.

The pictures we have so far aren't that great, but I'll be posting a  
full tour some time this week after I get my key.

Best regards to all, and I hope to see you at Shmoocon..


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