[hackerspaces] list of events

marcel marcel at rucksackreinigung.de
Sat Jan 10 16:51:10 CET 2009

webmind schrub in 49685D4B.2010006 at puscii.nl:
>Asuming you want a central event interface. 



hackerspace foo's calendar: http://foo.hackerspace.bar/events.ics
hackerspace bar's calendar: http://bar.hackerspace.foo/calendar.ics
hackerspace baz'  calendar: http://baz.hacksp.foobar/dumdidum.ics

every hackerspace could submit it's ics-url via the metadata-bar at it's
wikipage at hackerspaces.org

then you only [tm] need a cronjob and some script aggregating all
calendars. and maybe a web-interface.


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