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Fri Jan 9 15:54:02 CET 2009


For everyone else, who'll also be at Shmoo & can make it to our dinner/ 
call-in night: please RSVP to over9000 at hackerspaces.org so we know how  
many of you will be attending, in order not to spam this list too much  
(thanks for the hint ;)


On 09.01.2009, at 15:39, The Doctor wrote:

> astera wrote:
>> we'll have a small dinner party organized the night before ShmooCon
>> starts, on Feb. 05th that is.
>> Everyone coming to ShmooCon or being around Washington DC that  
>> evening
>> and interested in hackerspaces should join in!
>> Also, we'll hold the next Call-In from there (as we did from c-base -
>> just a little more on time ;)
>> so please let me know what you think, and if you're able to make it!
> Hi.
> I didn't want to spam the list with my response, but I'll be at  
> Shmoocon
> this year.  I'll also be attending the dinner party along with other
> folks from HacDC.
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