[hackerspaces] Hackerspaces talk at BIL? and... definitions/words

Esther Schneeweisz astera at hackerspaces.org
Mon Jan 5 21:37:16 CET 2009

Dear Phil & others,

please excuse my unfortunate choice of word.

This was not intended to separate founders of hackerspaces.org from other
hackerspace founders or members in any 'elitist' way, but should rather
imply my wish to see someone on this panel discussion that is deeply
involved in the hackerspace movement generally, besides addressing as many
hackers as possible that happen to be in the area that specific week.

To clarify this, I do not believe in a centralized orga team, although I
feel very passionate about certain people that dedicate a whole lot of time
and effort in all stuff to do with hackerspaces.org obviously.


On Mon, Jan 5, 2009 at 9:24 PM, Philippe Langlois <
philippe.langlois at gmail.com> wrote:

> Core Members....
> I have to say something about this:
> The definition of "core members" sounds elitist to me, and to
> numerous others who expressed astonishment each time this concept has
> been said relating to the hackerspaces "movement".
> As you may have heard, Jaromil expressed strongly that no hackerspace
> in the world should be left out of something that wishes to be as
> comprehensive as possible as the book on hackerspaces. This issue is
> related.
> I believe that defining rings, that is "inner" and "outer", "core"
> and "fringe" has a natural tendency to generate feeling of belonging
> or not. And as such, may generate feelings of not belonging for some
> who have their place in this community.
> Why not use the term "founder" of hackerspaces.net then if you want
> to mark a difference? That would be maybe better.
> I use the word maybe here because to me, hacking is universal, does
> not really look at who was first or oldest but who does what and how
> well and how beautifully. Thus, there should be no marking of who
> were first or last. Actually, who cares about being first or last in
> hacking?
> Another thing was about opening jabber conferences and then,
> suddenly, "oh wow, wait, before we must check with the other core
> members". This sounds to me too much like a cathedral, and i think
> hackers prefer bazaar ;-)
> So I think here a less "core" and a more "decentralized" approach is
> good. Otherwise people will look at the "stars" of hackerspaces.net
> and maybe think "Oh... _they_ did it. Wow!" and not see the point
> that hackerspaces can be started anywhere by anybody.
> I would then believe that dropping the whole "core member" thing
> would be very beneficial to the community, and help every hackerspace
> in the world understand that this movement is as much their movement
> as the one of other members, founder or not.
> Best,
> Philippe.
> On 05 Jan 2009, at 19:36, astera wrote:
> > Hey everyone,
> >
> > unfortunately, I'll be in Washington DC that week.
> >
> > On 05.01.2009, at 19:25, Lukas Fittl wrote:
> >>
> >> I would still love to have guys from other hackerspaces on board
> >> though, as diversity is one of the key aspects of the hackerspaces
> >> movement (as I see it, at least).
> >
> > Exactly.
> > Since no other core member will be able to make it due to Shmoocon
> > (though I'd love to see Bre, Nick or Eric taking part in a panel like
> > that), I'd suggest to ask Jake or Mitch - if they're gonna be on the
> > West Coast then, that is!
> >
> > Cheers,
> > /astera
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