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Sun Dec 13 15:44:46 CET 2009

Verde Binario Cultural Association (Cosenza - Calabria - Italy)
and Poetry Hacklab  (Palazzolo Acreide - Sicily - Italy)

"Silim Computer"
Interdisciplinary Meeting of Computer Archeologists

* Friday, December 18
@ "Tokyo" Room - Museo del Presente, Rende (CS) - Italy

17:30 Presentation of the new "Retrocomputing 2010" Calendar
by Verde Binario
18:00 Seminar about "Restoration of Historical Computers"
by Gabriele "Asbesto" Zaverio - Poetry Hacklab

(and... inside the hall a small exhibition of historical personal  

* Saturday, December 19
@ Verde Binario, Via G. Accattatis 4, Cosenza - Italy

10:00 Practical Workshop: Restoration of an old computer of the Verde  
Binario collection
21:00 Birthday LAN Party! Verde Binario is 7 years old!!

"The computer can't tell you the emotional story.
It can give you the exact mathematical design,
but what's missing is the eyebrows."
Frank Zappa

download the original poster at http://www.verdebinario.org/files/ 

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