[hackerspaces] "Survey finds more in U.S. avoid hands-on projects or repairs"

Ron Bean bucketworks at rbean.users.panix.com
Sat Dec 12 19:46:07 CET 2009

I saw this in the local newspaper this morning:

|"Many Americans simply do not work with their hands anymore, whether 
|it's to tackle a hobby for pleasure or to handle a necessary household 
|repair. Young people essentially have no role models when it comes to 
|fixing things or taking pride in building something," said Gerald 
|Shankel, Fabricators and Manufacturers Association president.

I couldn't find this mentioned anywhere else on the web.

I could certainly tell them why people don't want factory jobs-- 
zero job security. But other kinds of technical jobs are different.
Many of them *can't* be outsourced, because they have to be performed in 
person, on site.

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