[hackerspaces] Hacklab and social center in Malmo raided

Philippe Langlois philippe.langlois at gmail.com
Tue Dec 8 17:12:28 CET 2009

Hey Kugg,

There is a posting on http://www.tmplab.org/ blog now regarding this.  
Please keep us uptdated.

Also, we plan to bring stuff to 26C3 to organize and impromptu  
auction in the benefit of forskningsavd during the conference in Berlin.
Please indicate here your willingness to participate in bringing  
stuff and participate to rebuilding the swedish hacklab.


On 07 Dec 2009, at 15:16, Christoffer Jerkeby wrote:
> We need your support and understanding. There is lots of trackbacks in
> english to the last url, please read them to make your own opinion.
> Regards Kugg from forskningsavd.se

Philippe Langlois
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