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David Raison david at hackerspace.lu
Tue Dec 8 11:39:01 CET 2009

That sounds interesting!

Maybe we could start by assembling all our hackerspaces related software projects on the page mentioned by Andreas. So that we may get an overview over existing projects and types of code.

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"Jon Spriggs" <jon at spriggs.org.uk> wrote:

>As a side note, Stockport Hackspace are developing a plugin and
>cron-like engine system in PHP which will allow us to schedule
>e-mails, facebook and Upcoming.org event creations, IRC topic setting,
>microblogging and blog posting.
>It's an open source project at https://launchpad.net/giantrobot -
>we're just about to start creating the UI for it.
>Jon "The Nice Guy" Spriggs LPIC-1 Certified
>2009/12/8 David Raison <david at hackerspace.lu>:
>> No, you're absolutely right!
>> Maybe we should start gathering requirements on a subpage of the Hackerspaces Software page on our wiki.
>> Still, as with the hackerspace-os or any other software, and as I already wrote during the package debate, if everyone wants to roll his own app in his preferred programming language, then there'll always be multiple efforts.
>> But yes, a well-defined API could lessen that "burden" at least a bit.
>> Cheers,
>> D.
>> David
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>> "Far McKon" <farmckon at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>Not to sounds like a dork, but has anyone thought about doing some
>>>requirements gathering? It sounds like this kind of 'hackerspace
>>>managment' software project has started (and/or finished) a few times
>>>now,  but solutions are not being used/reused/spread.
>>>my $0.02 hack on,
>>>- Far  McKon
>>>On Mon, Dec 7, 2009 at 12:59 PM, David Raison <david at hackerspace.lu> wrote:
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>>>> Thanks Andi,
>>>>> Just to be sure that you no one missed it!
>>>>> People from the Metalab have written and open-sourced a software that
>>>>> does pretty much what you are talking about - The hackerspace OS
>>>> I didn't miss it, in fact, we had it on our webserver for one or two
>>>> months, but I never got it to do what I needed it to. (As with so much
>>>> other FOSS software, documentation was also lacking :( )
>>>> Unfortunately I have no experience whatsoever with python and especially
>>>> not with django.
>>>> The person at our space who wanted to get working on the membership
>>>> management tool is also a php guy, so that means he'll probably get in
>>>> touch with Koen oder Marc.
>>>> cheers,
>>>> David
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