[hackerspaces] Membership Management Software

Juul marcjc at gmail.com
Tue Dec 8 08:38:19 CET 2009

David Raison wrote:
> Thanks Andi,
>> Just to be sure that you no one missed it!
>> People from the Metalab have written and open-sourced a software that
>> does pretty much what you are talking about - The hackerspace OS
> I didn't miss it, in fact, we had it on our webserver for one or two
> months, but I never got it to do what I needed it to. (As with so much
> other FOSS software, documentation was also lacking :( )
> Unfortunately I have no experience whatsoever with python and especially
> not with django.
> The person at our space who wanted to get working on the membership
> management tool is also a php guy, so that means he'll probably get in
> touch with Koen oder Marc.

Just a note: Our software is being written in Ruby on Rails :-/


> cheers,
> David
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